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o.blaat Electronic Pioneers Friday, November 15 2002 Hosted by David Garland


o.blaat, a.k.a. Keiko Uenishi, and her laptop computer visit Spinning On Air. A lot of new electronic music will be heard, including material by Toshio Kajiwara, DJ Olive, Marina Rosenfeld, Miguel Frasconi, Lord of Spears & Whiteleaf, and Kenta Nagai. O.blaat will tell us about the "plug and play" scene, where musicians plug their portable electronics into a soundsystem and perform or jam together, and brand new electronic music will be made as o.blaat plugs in her PowerBook into WNYC's console, and plays for us live.

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To learn about lots of electronic music events around town, subscribe to o.blaat's informative email list.
Info about and music by some of the musicians heard on this show can be found here.
Plug & Play at Share is a weekly gathering, Sundays from 5pm to 9pm, at Openair in New York's East Village (121 St. Mark's Place, between Ave. A & First Ave.). A place for portables, laptops, powerbooks. Bring your laptop/gameboy/groovebox/keyboard and an rca or 1/4" cable to join. This is the time and place to: perform a pop song you've written, try out that new max patch or software, hear your composition on a large sound system, improvise rhythms or melodies, or get feedback on your latest project.
The future Share compilation album will be released from The Agriculture label.
Songs in the Key of F12 Wired News takes an in-depth look at the new wave of electronic music pioneers.