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 Esther B

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by Marcos Moret - Winter 2004 Issue - 'FACES' section page 58


Visit Openair, in Manhattan's East Village on a sunday night, and you'll see figures huddling over electronic devices, while images morph and flutter on a screen and sounds reverberate in strange sequences. But there's order behind the apparent chaos: a mouse-button click unleashes a percussive barrage; the turn of a dial produces a mid-range whine; a blur of fingers on a G4 keyboard corresponds to a starburst on the big screen projection. Welcome to Share, where those who have an urge to jam, plug their electronic gear - ranging from laptops to dance pads - into what is effectively a giant audio-visual construction kit. Co-organizer Geoff Matters humbly describes the event as an "informal forum to meet, discuss, share, and collaborate." Since its inception in 2001, Share has become the bleeding edge of developments in improvisational electronic music and image making. The jammers' lambent silhouettes afford a glimpse of a future landscape, and it's a compelling vista to behold.