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 Yannick Franck
 Esther B
 Esther B

Revolutionary Propaganda Show   ]

Revolutionary Propaganda Show - a special, extremely political DJ/VJ/Live/Remix set.
posted by geoff


Sound Rite   ]

The 1st Space conclusional launch incidental audience participation

An audible release (site-specific audio installation, visuals and you)
posted by kdb


The Xapi Zapi   ]

The Xapi Zapi will go off.

This Saturday at "
Nolita House"

posted by Nightliker


modul8 demo   ]

modul8 demo at Apple Store Soho
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The Psychasthenia Society: The Nanolove Report   ]

Storytelling meets the sampling culture. Live VJ and DJ action blends with a stream of remixed movie stills to create a universe of runaway nanobots, psychic anarchists, and frustrated cyborgs. Sixty minutes of startling video, sharp narration, and drivin
posted by skyvat

more... now has a page at NYFA's Arspire!   ]

Check's new basic page at NYFA(our fiscal sponsor for not-for-profit)'s new "Artspire" site! (3 short video clips, several or so old & new photos are there...)
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Share Site Beta   ]

The new interactive Share website is now in private beta to people on the sharetech list, and possibly others. Please use the comments to point out bugs and to use the site. Thanks.
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Neutrino Video Projects   ]

Saturday, July 24th, 10:00 pm
People's Improv Theater
1/2 hour + 6 actors + 3 shooters = 1 improvised movie
posted by danwinckler


Pictures from ANYWARE   ]

Here are some belated pictures from last year's ANYWARE event...
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new OSC server/client apps for OS X   ]

The SHARE inhouse programming crew has just released new OSC server/client apps for OS X. Use these to send or view incoming OSC (open sound control) data.

Also available: the source code for Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan's excellent OSC framework for O
posted by danwinckler