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[share] The Theremidi Orchestra WS in NY (Hiršenfelder/Spačal/Šebjanič)   ]
2013-07-14 21:00:00

Theremidi Orchestra WS
"Picky Noises"

noise / ambient
Ljubljana, Slovenia (SLO)

Theremidi Orchestra Women Section is a part of Theremidi Orchestra (TO) formed in 2011 by the participants of theremini / theremidi workshop, organized by Ljudmila = Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. It is essentially an ambient noise orchestra, but the goal, however, is not just the audio performance, but also activist, socially critical, and feminist do-it-yourself ethics. The Theremidi Orchestra's fascination for the electromagnetic sound waves grew into exploring and producing sounds with the help of DIY gadgets, antennas, conductive ink, umbrellas, wire ducklings, air tubes, flowers, and scrap metal, which contradict the clean, polished, and hegemonic mainstream sounds. The live acts — indoors and outdoors — resemble an experiment-seeking interventions, ongoing workshops or performances. The hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, but refers also to the history of electronic music, while the number of members varies from eight to ten, sometimes even twelve. The Theremidi Orchestra has its very own Female Section. The Theremidi Orcestra WS in New York is Ida Hiršenfelder, Saša Spačal and Robertina Šebjanič.

The above featured set will be held
@The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
posted by blaa