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[share] (Early workshop!)Share@(OA)C Factory w/Leeuw & Schwarz + openjam   ]
2012-05-27 20:00:00

On this Sunday, May 27th, we'll be either at Gowanus Institute Space (or Munch Room) - both are on Ground flr of (OA) Can Factory!

As we will find which space we will end up on the day, just come down to (OA) Can Factory & be surprised!;) Both are located in the same bldg. We'll have a sign indicating which room at the door.

This Sunday, we will have a special demo/workshop in the early hour starting at 8 pm (SHARP!) by the featured guests: Hans Leeuw & Diemo Schwarz!!

Hans Leeuw & Diemo Schwarz

Of course, we will have the multimedia Openjam between/after the workshop & the featured set!!

As we're still working on getting ready for a new location, it is a tentative space. We're planning to be here for the next couple of weeks (or a little longer, but hoping that we'll make the move at the beginning or later of the next month!)

Please keep checking back this site and/or Facebook page (links below.)


Sunday, May 27th, 2012
@Gowanus Institute Space (or Munch Room)

The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Stop by anytime between 20:00-midnight! (but if you'd like to attend the workshop, arrive at 20:00 sharp!!
Free admission!

On the 27th, we have a featured guest set by:

Hans Leeuw & Diemo Schwarz
Demo/Workshop at 8 pm + a featured set (later around 9:30 or 10...)

Hans Leeuw & Diemo Schwarz are both in town for NIME conference a week before. So, they decided to visit to 'show & tell' their self-developed instruments. To get a sense of it, check the youtube link below.

NOTE! Show up EARLY (at 20:00) for their special demo!! They will perform a featured set later (at around 21:30 or so...) So, come early & stay late!!

The extreme sound possibilities of Hans Leeuw’s Electrumpet combine wonderfully with the corpus based techniques in Diemo Schwarz’s CataRT. Together the duo creates a rich pallet of sounds.

Both Diemo and Hans play their self-invented instruments for a number of years in which they have done several iterations / extensions and built a lot of performance experience. This experience pays of in the expressive capabilities of both performers making this a concert that goes far beyond an extended demonstration of new instruments.

IRCAM based Diemo Schwarz and HKU lecturer and Electrumpet player Hans Leeuw form a duo since they first performed during a CataRT workshop given by Diemo Schwarz at STEIM in 2010.

Hans Leeuw is trumpet player, composer and instrument designer, bandleader of the 14 piece big band Tetzepi since 1997 and teacher at the school for the arts Utrecht (music technology) and the technical university Eindhoven (Industrial Design). His band Tetzepi has been structurally funded by the Dutch government in the last four years and as a composer he received several grants to write for this band and others. (see (under audio you can find excerpts from two of his compositions))
Instrument site:

Diemo Schwarz develops his software instrument CataRT since 2005 at the world famous IRCAM institute (part of centre Pompidou) in Paris, and has since then acquired a vast experience playing it, considering it no longer as a software system, but an expressive performance instrument, notably by the addition of gestural controllers and the choice to favor stability of the interface over constant development. By multiplying musical collaborations (notably with Frédéric Blondy, Victoria Johnson, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo, Etienne Brunet, George Lewis, Evan Parker), he has worked on the interactive aspects of live corpus-based concatenative synthesis, in pure improvisation, and also comprovisation settings.


Of course, we will have the multimedia Openjam before/after the featured set!!

Bring all of your aural/visual noise-making toys (gear/instruments/equipment) to hop into the jam, &/or simply bring yourself to hang out!

Facebook event link:



Always check for subway service change: (& choose New York City Transit)

Use MTA's Tripplanner online site. It reflects all the service changes on subways & busses and suggests you the best roules

MTA service change on 5/27/12:

No particular service changes in the venue area for R/F/G trains this weekend!:)

In any case, the close train stations to (OA) Can Factory is F/G: Caroll St or 4th Ave-9th St stations, or R: Union St station.


SHARE is always 100% FREE!! (no admission!)

We'll be open on Sundays!! (Check for possible time/schedule change frequently!)

Show up early!! and stay late!!!

Bring your equipment/instruments/gear etc. to join the jam, &/or pop in simply for hanging out, chatting, exchanging ideas/headaches/inspirations/etc over drinks in comfiest atmosphere!

We generally receive audio &/or visual participants - not necessarily digital. Analog &/or acoustic instruments (analog synths, acoustic string/horn/percussion/etc instruments), homemade gadgets, film/slides (if you'll bring a necessary projector), etc. are happily invited!
SHARE loves all kinds of experiments with things including (but not limited to) various sensors, collaborative programming, soldering on-site (if you'll bring soldering equipment), making low-key toy instruments (circuit bent or not), contact microphones, live projections /reflection/refraction, etc! Your suggestions/inputs are always more than welcome!

SHARE is a place to communicate, collaborate, and experiment.
Mistakes are more than welcome at SHARE!
Come & participate, come & chill, or come & hang out!
All the fun is awaiting!

SHARE is an open forum to explore expression using a variety of art forms. Participants are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely by giving each other feedback, catalyzing and developing techniques and philosophies in collaborative performance. SHARE does not curate, nor takes any authority over contents/expressions.

SHARE fosters open and spontaneous collaborations between artists through free, weekly Open Jam sessions, workshops, special large-scale events in various cities, and a strong Internet presence. SHARE blurs the boundary between its participants and spectators, and engages all in a continually changing dialog on art and culture. As such, SHARE represents an ongoing exploration of collaborative performance as cultural exchange. SHARE mines the relationship of artistic practice to cultural identity, remapping a multiplicity of cultural discourses.


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Recent video from MoMA PS1:
First video (mostly timelapse) documentation, uploaded by Jacob Sherman! (<-- thank you!):

directions to Gowanus Institute Space (or Munch Room)/(OA) Can Factory
Subway F Line, Subway G Line
Walk East down Third St over Gowanus Canal to Third Av
Subway F Line, Subway M Line, Subway R Line
Walk North on Fourth Av. West on Third St to Third Av
Bus B37, Bus B71
to THIRD AVE-THIRD ST (Westbound) or THIRD AVE-UNION ST (Eastbound)
From Union St, walk South on Third Ave to Third St
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