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2012-03-11 21:30:00

Andrea Williams is an artist, composer, and educator currently based in Oakland, CA. She enjoys using site-specific elements and perceptual cues to reveal the unseen connections between people and their environment. Listening, memory, urban ecology, and group collaboration are recurrent themes. Her compositions, soundwalks, installations, and videos have been exhibited and performed both solo and with various artists at galleries and alternative spaces, most recently at The Whitney Museum, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Joyce Theater Soho, Fountain Miami Art Fair, and the Mamori sound artist residency in the Amazon rainforest. Andrea is the co-director for the San Francisco-based sound art non-profit, 23five, a graduate studio advisor at California College of the Arts, and has an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @(Old) Issue Project Room at (OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
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