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The Neutrino Video Projects
at the People's Improv Theater (map}
Saturday, July 24th, 10:00 pm - $8

See Neutrino's last show before they head across the pond to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Come for the delightfully wicked Red Bastard, stay for Neutrino. Featuring the cinematographical talents of Dan Winckler, who will be mixing live abstract visuals between the acts.


Neutrino has broken new improvisational ground with the Neutrino Video Projects. With three cameras and a large technical crew, Neutrino takes to the streets to shoot, edit, score, and mix a completely improvised movie in the time it takes for you to watch it. Spontaneous, beautiful, and hilarious, this "theatrical movie experience" is the first of its kind. (more)
posted by danwinckler