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I'm looking for a VJ artist for a collaboration with one of the bands I'm currently playing with, the Jazzfakers.

The visuals of course should have something to do with our music, which is hard to describe, specially since I just joined them a couple of months ago, replacing their former bassist and our sound is constantly evolving/changing. Let's just call it experimental for now.
We're kind of in a transition stage in terms of sound right now, which means as well that it's an interesting time to join.

Of course you're free and welcome to extend the visual language from projection to anything else you can come up with, the crazier the merrier. We're open for new ideas.

We're rehearsing once a week on Monday evenings and our second studio album will be released by the end of this month. I can send raw edits to someone who has the capacity/time and is honestly interested in working with us.

We have two gigs coming up this month and it would be great to have someone on board already for a first public trial.

As mentioned, ask for some raw edits of our current recording material to get a more comprehensive "picture" of what we do right now.
For the time being go here and click one of the Cafe Orwell gig videos, one of our last gigs:

If interested please get in touch with us ASAP!

Please forward.
Appreciate your help/interest.

posted by Rapha