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[share] Gemini Wolf (Michael McDermott & Megan Cauley) + Steven Grisé   ]
2011-06-19 21:30:00

Gemini Wolf (Michael McDermott & Megan Cauley) will be joined by Steven Grisé(visuals) tonight at SHARE!!!

Gemini Wolf is a two-headed musical monster that has been experimenting on stage and in the studio since 2007. Sonic architects, songwriters, improvisers and singers Pandar and Mikronesia have lead the band through various incarnations along the way. From afro-beat shamanic krautrock to ambient post-folk noise Gemini Wolf is never satisfied staying within one sound or style for too long. Their new record is Infinite Sand Dunes out on vinyl on earSnake in May.

Steven Grisé is a multimedia artist raised in the post industrial wasteland known as Worcester Massachusetts. This is evident in his jury-rigged, analog video installations and heavily layered design work. He studied illustration and digital media at the University of Massachusetts. Steven has performed alongside a myriad of bands and DJ's (DOM, Casey Desmond, Coralcola, Gary Lucas of Captain Beefheart), but most recently Warm Ghost and Bobby of Partisan Records. From a mesmerizing combination of VHS erosion, found footage and feedback loops, his work embodies the purity of childlike innocence with a sense of forced interpolated nostalgia. Steven is currently developing mixed media videos for Bachelorette and Warm Ghost and is designing dynamic light and video installations for artists such as Com Truise. Steven uses the acronym NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) to title his volumes of 'like' videos.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
(Location subject to change, please check back this link &/or facebook page when the date comes closer!)
posted by blaa