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2009-05-17 21:30:00

Share @IPR, Brooklyn, NY || &

Carolyn Teo is an artist from Sydney, Australia, who works across media in photography, video, sound, textiles, performance and d.i.y electronics.

Carolyn graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, after having done a stint in Canada as an exchange student at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. It was here that she discovered her love for sound and electronics, which further developed her character Wun Thong. Carolyn is currently living in Montréal, involving herself in the arts community there by collaborating and performing with local artists.

Using elements of chance and improvisation, Wun Thong hypnotizes his audience with his visual aesthetic, mystical balls and exotic birdcalls.

So who is Wun Thong? Where did he come from this archetypal old Chinese man, mixed between cultures (and perhaps genders)?

Wun Thong literally plays his laptop, mixing in sounds from the Australian bush, found objects and electronics, taking us on a haunting yet whimsical journey through sound.
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 Carolyn Teo as Wun Thong_2
 Carolyn Teo as Wun Thong_1