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[share] Timo Daum (FUSS!) presents Ambientador (A/V sequencer) at 20:30!   ]
2009-04-05 20:30:00

Share @IPR, Brooklyn, NYC || &

FUSS! Is a Madrid and Berlin based collective which develops sensorial communication events. It was founded in 2004 by Raúl Marco, Guillermo López and Timo Daum. We created AMBIENTADOR – an audiovisual ambient generator – to perform audiovisual experiences in different formats.

“Ambientador” is an audio-visual sequencer, based on the natural form to represent a loop: the circle. A rotating beam activates sounds and visuals represented by circular arcs. It allows to create audio-visuals with great ease and freedom. The metaphor of representing the sequencing allows users (artists) and spectators (audience) to follow the structure of the composition and the principle of playback during the creative process.

Ambientador is flash based, works online and offline, PC or MAC, and is free of charge. Feel free to download your Ambientador from our website .
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