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Share.Amsterdam launches @The Getaway Cafe on Jan 17, 2009   ]

Great news!! w/ updated info!!!

Share.Amsterdam launches @The Getaway Cafe on Sat. Jan 17, 2009 -

Media artists and technicians, come to SHARE in Amsterdam.

On the 17th of January, media artists and technicians will come together for the first SHARE event in Amsterdam. SHARE is an audiovisual jamsession, a place to display your unfinished projects and meet other geeks. We're hosted by a great little venue in the very center of the city, next to Dam square: http:/

There will be
* 1 PA
* 4 beamers
* 16 laptop spaces
* 64 people (max) at a time
* Free Wifi, 220V and Tapas.
* Max/MSP/Jitter and other programming gurus
* DIY instruments and controllers
* No entrance fee

We are extremely good at improvisation, so let us know if you have installations to display, a short talk to give or one-liner statements to make. We feature an automatic visual jukebox so be sure to bring your muddy pictures, shaky video's and screenshots of half-finished software.

The event will be streamed live on: http:/

More info:
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