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2008-10-05 20:00:00

Call for participation!

Hans will need unlimited number of volunteers to participate in his 'The Benchmark Consort' which he is planning to present @Share.

Please read the following page:

and download the pdf at:

If you are interested and will be able to bring your laptop on Sun. Oct. 5th (please show up by 19:00), please post a comment below.
(You need to register yourself by going to 'login' on the left column. Please fill all the fields - including AIM etc. handle even if you don't have one - you can use a made-up one;)

He can accept both Mac (OSX 10.3.9 and above, &/or Windows XP and Vista*) platforms. The necessary stand-alone program will be provided (easy to copy within 1 min.)
*He had a problem once with Vista. But it would most likely work... (but XP might be safer?)

hans w. koch: physical properties of laptops
i am interested in treating the laptop not only as a carrier for software but to connect that to specific physical properties of the machine. this can include testing for raw horsepower or a misplaced internal microphone("the benchmark consort") or -as in "light piece"- only using the different built in lights on a macbook pro (lcd, keyboard-backlight, eysight indicator). performing "the benchmark" consort requires audience participation, so please bring your laptops (either mac osx or windows xp is fine). the machines won´t be harmed, your emotional balance might be.

hans w. koch, *1962. 1984-88 studies in music, history and physics at the university of education weingarten/wuerttberg and 1988-95 composition at the cologne university of music with johannes fritsch. he lives and works (mostly) in cologne.

besides developing performances and open forms for various, often interdisciplinary ensembles, he creates (sound-)installations, sometimes involving computers and digital media.
the search for hidden aspects of everyday-tools, like household-electronics, hairdryers, metalwool, old computers (and traditional instruments as well) leads as a side-effect to sounds and musical structures.
on the other hand when working with digital media, he tries to explore its boundaries and implicit (de)faults, in order to arrive at interactions which keep a live of their own and react to human input in an unpredictable way.
this also extends to the use of computers as musical instruments in a rather physical manner.

the result of his research has been presented on international festivals, most recently (2008): "ars electronica" linz, "escena contemporanea" madrid, "club transmediale" berlin, "hovikodden live" oslo, the "4th annual bent festival" and the "ceait-festival" los angeles, the "utsa satelite space gallery" san antonio/texas, "experimental intermedia" new york, "espace multimedia gantner" bourogne/france, "rainy days" philharmonie luxembourg, "safe and sound" belgrade.

he has been collaborating with artists like sam ashley, peter behrendsen, jens brand, annegret heinl, thomas lehn, manuel mota, josef novotny, ben patterson, ernesto rodriguez, michael vorfeld and bettina wenzel.

in 1998 he was awarded the bernd-alois-zimmermann stipend of the city of cologne, in 2000 a residency at the international sculpturers symposion in lindabrunn/austria, in 2002 at the villa aurora, los angeles. 2003 he was invited to tokyo by "puddles" - international artists-exchange program and in 2004 by kuenstlerhaus schloss wiepersdorf. 2006 he had a residency at o.r.f, schrattenberg (austria). during spring semester 2007 he was teaching composition and experimental sound practices as visiting professor at the california institute of the arts, los angeles. in 2008 he received an award of distinction at the ars electronica in linz/austria.
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