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2005-01-09 21:00:00

nyc ||

Sawako uses field recordings, mixer feedback, dsp processing, etc., to create works of place andtime, and quiet personality. Her work sometimes has a nostalgic intimacy. She will release 12inch from Strategy's label, community library. This is her 2nd time to do her performance in SHARE and the 1st time to do duo with Strategy.

Strategy is from Portland, Oregon, where he composes electronic music that ranges from dub and dance music to abstraction music. He currently records for Kranky, ORAC, Shockout, as well as Audio Dregs, audraglint, and others. For his Share performance Strategy will be showcasing a new series of pieces that focus on field recordings and vocoding. This will be his first live collaboration with Sawako and one of two first performances in New York.
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