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Synesthetik/LANCE BLISTERS/o.blaat/Daniel Vatsky @phonomena   ]
2004-12-09 21:30:00

Phonomena at subtonic (NYC) ||

We're all excited to be able to perform at our fav hangout, 'Phonomena'

synesthetik (the supercollider dangermaster), LANCE BLISTERS (also known as geoffGDAM, performing the notorious but rarely performed midi-guitar set!!),
and o.blaat (poking around goofspots;) will give an 'one-night-only' blast,
together with visual maestr!, Daniel Vatsky
at phonomena on Thursday, Dec. 9th.
Phonomena starts at 9 p.m. Live starts at 10 p.m. sharp.

"Alo Allik aka synesthetik"
as an entry in the babel library might read
AUTHOR: tehis
TITLE: synesthetik
SUBJECT: abstract aural environments immediate and rare: tintillating on the edge of chaos: the science behind sour opium of dawn: the impact of snow falling of snow: and lately dangerous flesheating filters:

will plan something simple and fun.

LANCE BLISTERS performs LIVE Jungle, Breakcore, Punk, and Noise using MIDI Guitar and Microphone. His show will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!

"Daniel Vatsky"
Daniel Vatsky is a video artist, film archivist, and researcher. He utilizes a wide variety of media alongwith specialized software and hardware components, combining them to create unique systems of data and signal processing.
All 4 performers are regularly spotted at 'share' @openair, and Geoff is a co-founder of the innovative sunday gatherings & community.

Phonomena is hosted by Toshio Kajiwara & DJ Olive The Audio Janitor.

Phonomena @Subtonic
107 Norfolk st. between Delancey & Rivington, NYC,
posted by blaa