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2004-11-21 21:00:00

share @openair, nyc

John Chantler released his debut CD 'Monoke' (Recorded whilst living on the rural Japanese island of Shikoku)on upstart Australian label ::Room40:: in 2003. John relocated to London towards the end of 2003 where he finished his second disc "Locked in Hands" for Toronto label Piehead Records. "Locked in Hands" saw John move away from the "electronica" of his debut to more exploratory electro-acoustics and a naggingly persistent motorik pulse.
John performs live using guitars, occasional vocals and a laptop.

on monoke:
"the first in a series of essential recordings" (
"a nice slice of post-millennial electronica" (pitchforkmedia)
"...Chantler has transformed one head-and-heart experience into another. An utterly absorbing and resonant work." (first past the post, australia)
posted by blaa


 John Chantler and visual jammers
 John Chantler w gtr
 John Chantler

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the correct milkfactory link,

the MF review of John's locked in hands EP,

and his label, Inventing Zero.
posted by danwinckler