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2004-11-13 20:00:00

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Seasonal (curated by Ben Owen)

Saturday, Nov. 13th, starting at 8

at King Collision/bpm
237 Kent Ave. between Grand & N. 1st Sts.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
take L to Bedford or Lorimer, G to Metropolitan, J/M to Marcy
or B61 bus.

sean meehan
Current performances generally find Meehan playing only the snare drum in a manner that sheds conventional usage and reconstructs the conception and function of the instrument. Concert activities, both at home and away, are generally divided between playing in conventional settings for experimental music and in seeking out unique locations that are often in the unwatched and unconsidered corners of the city.

Sabine Arnaud plays various wind instruments and
percussions. She has performed with Cooper-Moore,
Assif Tsahar, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Le Quan
Ninh, Peter Kowald.
She has studied visual arts and philosophy in University
of Vincennes in Paris, and currently writes her Ph.D
dissertation on Hysteria in the 18th century. She has
lived in France, in Italy and in the United States.
To conclude her moto is:"Expand the limit!"

Claire Elizabeth Barratt has a Dance and Musical Theater background, with training received in her native country of Britain at the London Studio Center of Performing Arts and the Laban Center for Movement and Dance.
Now based in the Bronx, NY, at her own studio H&H Production, she runs “Cilla_Vee Movement Projects”, performing in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.
She is also currently serving an apprenticeship with Lori Belilove & Company of the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation.
“My work as a movement artist blurs boundaries and crosses categories. Re-defining the traditional concepts of a “piece”, challenging the conventions of choreography, performance, time, space and audience relationships”.

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