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[share] Canceled - on Sun Sept 10th (Resume on the 24th!)   ]
2017-09-10 20:00:00

CANCELED: will _not_ be on Sun. Sept 10th due to a conflict on schedule with our host.

We will resume on Sun. Sept 24th.

See you then there!!

==== Basic info of ====

We currently operates with the twice a month mode (2nd & 4th Sundays) for the upcoming months (unless there is a special notice like this one.)

Check our upcoming schedule (subject to change) that is included below (scroll down.)

Upcoming featured guest sets & confirmed monthly dates at (so far...):

Sun Sept 10th: CANCELLED!

Sun Sept 24th: 4th Sunday edition

Sun Oct 8th: 2nd Sunday edition

Sun Oct 22nd: 4th Sunday edition

Sun Nov 12th: 2nd Sunday edition

Sun Nov 26th: 4th Sunday edition

(We'll probably go into the winter holidays for December... but _not_ without a holiday party! Date TBA. All dates are subject to change. So, keep yourself updated at our website &/or Facebook group wall!)

Additional dates + special events may be posted as they're confirmed!

Note: If we have no guests. We'll simply open all hours for all walk-in Share'rs! Come & hop in!!!

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Share-mobile in Budapest (2007):
Share weekly events (this one mainly captured audio-related) 2008-2010:
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