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2014-08-17 21:30:00

Matt Verzola aka 2beeps

2Beeps (Matt Verzola) provides original music for web, TV, film and new media. He's been making music since 2009 and enjoys sharing his talents with fellow artists and creatives. Based in Brooklyn, he makes music that has style, emotion, quality and purpose. You can hear his music at

For this performance 2Beeps will be giving homage to the 1985 Dionne Warwick hit "That's What Friends Are For." Using numerous covers from youtube, audio recordings related to friendship, combined with his own sonic (and visual?) interpretations, he will build an "audio shrine" to this quintessential 80's classic, as well as to the concept of friendship in general. To help get in the spirit of the song, he encourages those attending to bring along a friend.

He recently released the Kids Music EP. The Kids Music EP is an experiment and a form of therapy for him. Each track is comprised solely of sounds from a corresponding mastered children's song of the same name that he mixed at his day job. There are no sounds or instruments added—just the original song chopped up, layered and rearranged. This EP represents his effort to take a part of his life that is tedious and mind-numbing and use it as a source for inspiration and creativity

He's always interested in collaborations, and can be reached through his website mentioned above.

The above featured set will be held at The (OA) Can Factory, room D-101
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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 Matt Verzola aka 2Beeps
 Kids Music EP cover by 2Beeps