'share' @ Club Transmediale 004 - FLY UTOPIA!

Welcome to 'share' @ Transmediale festival. In a Jamming styleé, 'share' is going mobile once again and coming to Berlin to host a workshop and a massive two day jam at Club Transmediale.

Find the live streams here during the festival.

Share Tchotchkes will be available!


'share' workshop @ Transmediale

date: 02.02.2004
time: 14 - 19 hrs
location: Haus der Kulturen, room K3
FREE! / reservation: workshops@transmediale.de

Public jamming!

Workshop with 'share' members Daniel Smith, Jeremy Schaller, Eric Redlinger, Kenard Meyers and Keiko Uenishi. Short presentation by Dunja Kukovec antiart ahistorian based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • - keynote presentation -
    History and guidelines of 'share'.

  • - collaborative filming session -
    Borrowing on the model-in-the-drawing-studio dichotomy, the collaborative filming session will engage visualists to do simultaneous filming with two dancers. The resulting video will be assembled in real time during the share nights at Club Transmediale. Filming will occur between 14 - 16 hrs.
    requirements: mini-dv camera w/ iLink/firewire, mini-dv tape
    dancers: Claudia de Serpa, Takako Suzuki

  • - post-property perspective -
    Shifted discourse on free source and collaborative artifact.

  • - strategizing technique session -
    Some proprietary softwares are used at share in collaborative performances. Some introduction to the softwares is useful. If you have a more elaborate setup that may be more involved than plug-and-play, this workshop is a great opportunity for us to meet and strategize.

  • - KWX session -
    KeyWorx is a free application for macintosh computers, developed at the Waag Society for Old and New Media in Holland, that enables video and audio mixing in realtime using any combination of "prepared media " (video, sound, text and image clips) as well as "live media" (dv camera, webcam, internet streams, audio inputs, typing text on the keyboard, etc.). It is particularly interesting in conjunction with dance or movement since it has the ability to capture live video into a buffer allowing you to apply filters and transformations on the fly without having to render anything in advance. Likewise, its ability to sync with audio, allow multiple artists to collaborate on the same ouput, and its native support for numerous external controllers (wacom tablets, joysticks, cell phones, midi devices, etc.) make it an attractive tool for VJing and audio/visual installations.

  • - media swap -
    Bring your media or code for trade or find collaborators at the 'share' bazaar in preparation for two nights of jamming at Club Transmediale.

> http://www.transmediale.de
> http://share.dj

'share' massive open jam @ Club Transmediale

date: 03.02.2004 + 04.02.2004
time: 22 hrs + 21 hrs
location: Club Transmediale, Maria am Ostbahnhof
FREE with reservation: share@clubtransmediale.de

Massive open jam!

Open to all to come plug-and-play into the mix is the tradition of 'share'. The jam at the Transmediale festival is the fourth mobile 'share' event, where we team up with an alternate venue to provide a multi-channel audio/video system, and an open invitation is extended to the community in Berlin and networked artists in remote locations.

Four video stations and eight audio stations will be available for people to plug-in and jam. Wireless internet connection will enable collaboration over the network and streaming of the sites and sounds.

Each night, an hour of the jam will be set aside for two video featured sets where the four projection surfaces at Club Transmediale will utilized to show interelating collaborative visuals:

  • The first set will utilize KeyWorx, where remote participants Isabelle Jenniches (nl) and Daniel Vatsky (us), along with Michael Liegl (de) and Eric Redlinger (us) do synchronized performance over the internet. Participants of the Share workshop session on KeyWorx are invited to participate.

  • The second visual set will assemble in real time the differing video perspectives from the Share workshop collaborative filming session with dancers Claudia de Serpa and Takako Suzuki. Collaborators of the filming will be free to remix the resulting footage.

Join us in a massive jam!

> http://www.clubtransmediale.de
> http://share.dj